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Rye Cemetery


George Archer
Born: 1844
(White Cross)

Anna Archer
Born: 1846
(White Cross)


Herman A. Brunner
(Husband of Clara Marie Fahrig)
Born: Mar 3, 1880)
Died: Aug 5, 1960


Gottlibe Brunner*
(White Cross - Born 1861
Died: Apr 28, 1947
Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener, Ontario)

Jacob Brunner*
Husband of Marie Stucki and father of Herman Brunner)
Born: Jul 19, 1832)
Died: Jan 11, 1905


Abraham Burns Child
(White Cross)

Brauser (Braser, Brazer)

Miss Brauser
(White Cross)
(Annie Elisabeth Braser)


Alexander Baumann
Died: Mar 27, 1927
Age 80 years (Born: 1847)
(Son of Ludwig Baumann)

Gottlibe Baumann
Died: Oct 19, 1925
Age 72 years (Born: 1853)
(Husband of Rosa Baumann)


John Baumann
Died: May 24, 1915
Age 74 years (Born: 1857)
(Son of Ludwig Baumann)

Rosa Baumann
Wife of Gottlibe Baumann
Died: Mar 24, 1923
Age 22 years, 10 days
(Born: Mar 14, 1901)


Josephine Baumann
(Died: Feb 15, 1902
59 Years, Born: 1943,
Wife of Rudolph Baumann
Unsure of this- Marker in German)

Rudolph Baumann
(Husband of Josephine Bauman)
Died: Mar 26th, 1931
Age 80 years (Born: 1851)

See Also Annie McLaren Below


Fred Cottrell Child
(3 White Crosses)


Mrs. Lane
(White Cross)


William Detta
Died: Aug 7, 1963
Age 84, 8 Months 13 days
(Born: Nov 25, 1879
Husband of Clara Schneider,who is also supposed to be in this cemetery. Born: Jun 1, 1897
Died: Oct 9, 1991)

Eva L. Detta
(Elva Louise Detta)
Born Dec 23, 1922
Died Jun 30, 1959
(Daughter of William and Clara Detta)


Clara M. (Marie) Fahrig
Wife of Herman A. Brunner
(Born: Jul 24th, 1885
Died: Nov 4th, 1979)

Louise Fahrig
Born Jan 19, 1875
Died Nov 6, 1951
(Wife of William F. Haufschild)


Neil Alex
Son of Walter and Christina Fowke
Died Mar 17, 1901
Age 5 years

Walter Fowke Child
(White Cross)


Juliana Grant
Wife of Herman Ulrick
Born Jun 11th 1867
Died Sep 14th, 1940


Louisa Gragon (Kregi)
Born: 1847
Died: 1918
Wife of Julius Detta
(Gragon and Kregi maybe different spellings for her last name?)


Anna Haldmann
Born: Nov 30, 1836
Died Apr 3, 1909
Widow of Samuel Stucki and Johannes Tschanz


Emma Haufschild
Born: Nov 6, 1877
Died: Apr 16, 1900


Lilly Haufschild
Born: Mar 9, 1898
Died: Dec 25, 1901

Ludwig Haufschild
Born: Jan 29, 1831
Died: Apr 2, 1899
(Husband of Wilhelmina Haufschild)


Wilhelmina Haufschild
Wife of Ludwig Haufschild
Born: Jan 29, 1840
Died: Sep 2, 1924

William Haufschild
Born: May 29. 1901
Died: Jan 5, 1902


William F. Haufschild
Born: Jun 14, 1859
Died: Oct 20, 1940
(Husband of Louise Fahrig)


See Maria Russell Below


Mrs. Hough
(White Cross)


Harriet Justin
Wife of William Parks
Died: Feb 20th 1900
Age 65


Evelyn Kuehni
Born: Dec 1913
Died: Jun 1943
(Buried with the Zinkie's as her maiden name was Zinkie. Daughter of Bertha Zinkie and Tom White.)


Angus McLaren
Born: 1861
Died: 1953

Annie McLaren (nee Baumann)
Wife of Angus McLaren
Died: Nov 14, 1901
Age 29


Norman E. McLaren
Born: 1891
Died: 1969

Walter J. McLaren
Born: Aug 16th 1899
Died: Feb 10th 1954
Husband of Violet Edna Phippen)


Vernon McLaren
Born: Apr 8, 1929
Died: Jul 1930
Son of Angus and Martha (Angus Jr. and Martha Kuehni)


Born: 1865
Died Nov 4, 1921
(Mittlog was her married name. She has a wooden cross that is difficult to read.)


William Parks
Died Nov 20th 1893
Age 59 years 8 months
(Husband of Harriet Justin)


Violet E. Phippen
Born: Mar 31, 1911
Died Jan 24, 1990
(Wife of Walter J. McLaren)


Alfred Russell
Died: Jan 31, 1920
Age 74
(Husband of Maria Henley)

Marie Russell
(Marie Russell nee Henley)
Died: Feb 21, 1926
Age 69 Years
(Wife of Alfred Russell


Sam Simmon Child
(Two White Crosses)


See Also Tschanz


Albert Schneider
(Albert Henry Daniel Schneider,Husband of Gladys Wilhelmina Jeanette Phippen, Buried in South River)
Born: May 17, 1901
Died: Apr 14, 1940


Ben Schmeler
(Benjamin Franklin Schmeler,
Husband of Betty Schmeler)
Born: Apr 29, 1918
Died Dec 3, 1983

Betty Schmeler
(Elizabeth Audrey Boynton,
Wife of Ben Schmeler)
Born: Sep 27, 1920


Emma Stockman
(White Cross) Daughter of Herman Ulrick


Mrs. Stucky
(White Cross)

Tschanz (See Also Schantz)

Karl (Chas) Ludwig Tschanz
Born: Mar 28, 1974
Died: Jan 25, 1917
Who came to Canada from Linden, Rothenbach District, Canton of Berne, Switzerland 1878


Frederick D. Ulrick
Born: Jan 27,1895
Died: 1968

Herman Ulrick
Born: Jul 24th, 1869
Died: May 17th, 1945
(Husband of Juliana Grant)


"Mother" Kathleen C.
Born 1912
Died Jul 2nd 1960
Age 47 years 8 month 22 days

Fredrick Ulrick
Age 2 1/2 6 months 30 days


"Mother" Catherine


"Father" Albert
Born 1854
Died 1932


Bill Zinkie
(White Cross)

Fred Zinkie
(White Cross)

*This cross apparently marks the grave of Jacob Brunner, according to my Aunt. Jacob is buried in this cemetery.)

Reference: Note that information in brackets are from sources other than the cemetery markers. See these sources below.

I went up to the Rye Cemetery and wrote down the names that I found on the grave stones and other markers.
I have a family tree. I got information from my mother, from my cousins and my aunts.
I had viewed a copy of the "These Our Ancesters Were" District of Parry Sound & Muskoka 1976. This book has information on cemeteries in Parry Sound District.
I have read parts of Wait for Me Awhile, by Audrey Michael Hicks.
I check out and verified birthdates via 1901 Census available at the Canadian National Archives. This census is now also available at 1901 Census of Canada Indexing Project.

I have put my family tree on Rootsweb. The database name is brunnsu.

I have put a genealocial tree on the settlers families of Lount Township, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada on Rootsweb. The database name is Lount.