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The Herd Family

I have traced the Herd family back to Andover, Hampshire, England, however, they may have dome from Devon and the West Country of England. From Hampshire they moved into Surrey and Kent. A lot of them settled in Bermondsey, London, England.

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arrow This is a picture of the Ann Bertha Hicks. She was born in Shoreditch, London, England. She married Richard James Herd in 1881 in Shoreditch, London, England. Her parents were George Frederick Hicks and Sarah Ann Holderness. His parents were Joseph Valentine Herd and Susannah Elizabeth Beddoes.

Richard Herd

arrow This is a picture of Richard Herd and his wife Daisy Alice Rose Huckett. They were married in 1913 in Islington, London, England. His parents are Richard James Herd and Ann Bertha Hicks. Her parents are William George Gordon Huckett and Grace Jane Toye.

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