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The Fahrig Family

From what I hear, the Fahrig family originally came from Kleinerin, Hackstaat, Germany. In 1882 they left from Germany. I understand they took a train to somewhere in Ontario, then a boat and finally made their way up the Nippissing Trail via an Oxen cart to Wattenwyl, Lount Township, Parry Sound, Ontario.

Hamburg departure records show Friedrich Fahrig, aged 35, a miner, wife Wilhelmine, aged 27, daughters Louise, aged 6, Bertha, aged 4, and Alice, aged 9 months, and a Louise Fahrig, aged 68 departing Hamburg on 28 July 1882, with an interim destination of Liverpool, England, and a final destination of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The name of the ship they travelled on was the Grimsby (a English Flag Ship). The captain was Rutter. (According to the records, this ship's final destination was Grimsby, USA.)

The departure record indicates the family's last place of residence as having been the town of Burgörner (or Burgorner), which was a copper mining town. There is a nearby city of Hettstedt. This sounds close to Hackstaat of where this family was supposed to come from.

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arrow In this picture is Fredrich Fahrig and his wife, Wilhelmina Schmidt. They immigrated to Canada in 1882 with their three oldest daughters, Louisa, Bertha and Alice.


arrow This is a picture of my grandmother, Clara Marie Fahrig. She married Herman Albin Brunner in Wattenwye, Lount Twp, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada on 3rd of July, 1912.
arrow This is a picture of my grandmather, Clara Marie Fahrig with her sister Wilhemina (or Minnie) Fahrig. Minnie Fahrig married William Devine Nokes in Wattenwye, Lount Twp, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada on 12th of July, 1911.


arrow This is a picture of my Walter Fredrick Gottlieb Fahrig's family. From the left is Marjorie Fahrig, Walter Fahrig, his wife Kitty and Allen Fahrig. Walter is my grandmother's brother.

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